Welcome Home, Cam

         Aleesha contacted me and wanted to do a session to surprise her kids when Cam comes home. We nailed down details, when I should be at the airport for his arrival on Dec 3rd at 4:20pm. It was set. Then I got a call from her mother, Cam was coming home early and not telling Aleesha. :D Insert "EEKS!" here. We had 3 weeks to keep this secret, and on November 15th, the Franklins received the best gift ever, their dad. 
         I had Aleesha bring her kids to the Bountiful temple. I had already stashed Cam inside the doors in the waiting room, and I positioned the family right outside the doors. Cam and I had a Que for when he was to walk through the doors and on the count of 3, he walked through the golden doors and completely took her breath away. 
        This was by far the most special, emotional, tender session I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Thank you, Cam and family, for all you have sacrificed on behalf of those of us who go to bed each night with our family close by. Thank you for spending nights, days, and holidays away from your family, so we have the freedom to be with ours. Thank you, Cam, for sleeping in less than ideal conditions, while your wife sleeps at home alone, so that the rest of us can sleep in peace. Thank you, Aleesha, for being strong enough to do it alone. Thank you, Sammie and Emmry, for letting your dad protect the rest of us while all he wants to do is protect you. Thank you.  I just cant say it enough. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Not many people get to capture such a special moment in such a professional way, I'm sure they will treasure those pictures :)


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