Kids Were Here Series

I recently came across a blog/site called Kids Were Here and I immediately fell in love with it and the concept. I decided I wanted to do it, also. Go ahead and take a look at their site and all the amazing photographers taking part in this. As photographers its our job to capture the beauty in life, but we also need to remember beauty doesn't always mean pretty. Sometimes the beauty in life is the realness of it. The emotion of it. The way a still image can tell you a story, a real story.


..731 days old..

my little boy is turning two. I can not, believe it. The first year went by so slow, but the second year? where did that go? He has a passion for all things in the air. Planes and Balloons to be specific, so appropriately that is his birthday theme. Where more perfect to take his pictures that the Hill AF Museum? He loves it here. he would wonder around all day here if we could. 

Happy Birthday, Henry. I know of no cuter, more adorable, sweeter toddler than you. 


..New Family Love..

I have the awesome chance to do some newborn pictures for this sweet new family. Amy contacted me a few weeks before Jace was born, to set something up, but then I didnt hear from her for over a month so I just assumed she booked someone else. 2 or 3 weeks after Jace was born she wrote me and told me he had been in Primary Children's since he was born because he had an extremely rare nasal condition that was preventing him from being able to really breathe. He spent the first 3 weeks of his little life there, his mom drove there every day and spent all day there, then dad would come after work. He is doing much better, and is home where he belongs. These two are such sweet and gentle parents, it was so precious to see how much they adore him, and each other. Thanks again you guys, for letting me be a part of this. :) 


Welcome Home, Cam

         Aleesha contacted me and wanted to do a session to surprise her kids when Cam comes home. We nailed down details, when I should be at the airport for his arrival on Dec 3rd at 4:20pm. It was set. Then I got a call from her mother, Cam was coming home early and not telling Aleesha. :D Insert "EEKS!" here. We had 3 weeks to keep this secret, and on November 15th, the Franklins received the best gift ever, their dad. 
         I had Aleesha bring her kids to the Bountiful temple. I had already stashed Cam inside the doors in the waiting room, and I positioned the family right outside the doors. Cam and I had a Que for when he was to walk through the doors and on the count of 3, he walked through the golden doors and completely took her breath away. 
        This was by far the most special, emotional, tender session I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Thank you, Cam and family, for all you have sacrificed on behalf of those of us who go to bed each night with our family close by. Thank you for spending nights, days, and holidays away from your family, so we have the freedom to be with ours. Thank you, Cam, for sleeping in less than ideal conditions, while your wife sleeps at home alone, so that the rest of us can sleep in peace. Thank you, Aleesha, for being strong enough to do it alone. Thank you, Sammie and Emmry, for letting your dad protect the rest of us while all he wants to do is protect you. Thank you.  I just cant say it enough. 


That's my boy

This is my boy. My second boy, well third if you count the hubby. We blessed him in our church almost a month ago, and I am just now taking pictures of him in his blessing outfit. What an awful photog mommy am I. But here is a few. I love all the blue. blue blanket, blue outfit, blue eyes. I just love it. 

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